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second shooter: paolo mottola jr.

St. Elizabeth House, Mahurangi Harbor
Jemma Glancy
Elie Saab
Crane Brothers
Leaf and Honey
Raj Tents
Paris Berlin Bakery
Cake Couture

lydia {ever ours} - all around amazing. didn’t expect anything less from you.

Michelle - Wow, beautiful.

Dana Napoleon - how INCREDIBLE !

jr - mottola bros photography. So good man

adi - AWESOME!!!

mike fiechtner - dude that was so good! Rad location too!

Toronto Street Photography :: Digital TriX - [...] the boosted shadow look that has become prominent in the last few years, led by photographers like Sergio Mottola and Hugh Forte.  Not surprisingly, VSCO is a winner for [...]

Ali Migliore - Sergio – These photos are so incredibly beautiful! There are so many great captures of the couple together with their big, bright smiles! And I love the fun shots with the kids. Plus, her dress is the best ever. And to top it off with such a pretty sunset! So awesome!

- Ali

mike - RIghteous.

court - every single thing about this is spectacular, sergio.

David Jenkins - Lovely work Sergio, really nice feel to these. Really like your style man.

kristi wright - such an awesome wedding!

isaiah - seems you owned nz

Costas - Amazing work as usual!

Matt - Dude, I’ve come back and looked at this, like 15 times.


i can’t thank lena and her staff at Amangani enough for hosting hilary and david’s amazing, relaxing, and playful weekend celebration.

Pedro Bellido - Amazing place and pics :)

tamara - love … i have enjoyed seeing all your stuff lately! More more…

catherine - love each frames.

Andres - Lovely set, Sergio!

matthew morgan - Serg, you crazy SOB, these are amazing. wow.

mike fiechtner - seriously you do magic with the camera! If you ever need a second shooter in Seattle/Tacoma let me know!

Phil - Shit this is awesome.

coler - holy shit…

hugh - this is so goo, sergio. you do your thing so well.

hugh - it’s pretty good, too…

lydia {ever ours} - ridiculous. every frame there’s something gorgeous.

Allison - This is one of my favorite weddings you’ve done! Sooo gorgeous.

Josh Mikhaiel - Awesome. snow weddings are sweet.

steven - cool and cool! I want a go in that hot tub!

mike - That’s the stuff.

Jordy - Soo, so good. You’re awesome at this Sergio.

mary-ann dalzell - These pictures truly capture the essence of this wedding! Amazing shots and editing. Congrats Sergio!!

Dan O'Day - very good photographs you talented little man

Khanh Nguyen - What an awesome place to get married at. Fantastic wedding. You sure have the privilege to travel to some awesome places dude.

Brandon - Wow, I’ve been dreaming of photograph a wedding in Jackson Hole for a while now, and this just confirms it. It’s so gorgeous there. You captured the mood of this weekend and the beauty of this place and these people so well. Love it.

Shawna - These are stunning. Sergio I recommended you to Hillary and you really did an amazing job of this. Beautiful couple! Great work!