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dylan - love it from the first frame. great work Sergio.

Martha - Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous venue, bride, ambiance! No one captures it all like you Sergio.

Ray - Again, so f’n solid.

Josh Mikhaiel - great work Sergio!

xian alexander - Magical, great coverage!

Steven - Captured the atmosphere and some fantastic images.

grace - amazinggggggg! i love your work!

mike - Exquisite, bro.


isaiah - love these dude.

Michelle - Simple and beautiful.

Phil - These are incredible man. Can’t wait to meat/shoot with you in a few weeks.

Catherine Abegg - oh hey! i love this set… very simple & sweet. xo.

lydia {ever ours} - so perfect, so very perfect indeed.

Emilia Jane - Love this whole day!

xian alexander - So beautiful, awesome work.

rich - well done. just so beautiful.

Taylor - Wow. you are a lucky man to photograph a tree house wedding/ picnic wedding. what a gorgeous day.


theresia & johannes wed on an unusually sunny autumn weekend in eltville-am-rhein, at one of the last family-owned vineyards in the area. the weekend started with a civil ceremony in heidelberg and a small reception in darmstadt. we spent the rest of the weekend in eltville at the baron knyphausen, hiking through the vineyards, enjoying the wine, and celebrating their nuptials.

andrew ho - this is freaking incredible. i want you to shoot my wedding

alex rapada - Awesome work sergio!

ted - Such a laid back , yet awesome feel to this wedding!

sf - bro!

jill - really beautiful work, sergio.

Adele - You did an amazing job, as always. Happy to see you blogging!

Julia Manchik - So much charm in these photos. Love the little cultural things you captured like the blurry greeting on the cheek.

Ray - Boom. Love it, man.

Josh Mikhaiel - Beautiful dude, great great stuff. as always

brose - nail polish.. precious

amanda vanvels - pretty cool

mike - Pure art, brother. We need to grab drinks if you’re ever in Chicago.

ryan - there’s something about the photo of them watching the projector. so much charm. the whole set, actually. such a good feeling.

Yee - Extraordinary doesn’t even begin to describe it. Holy cow, brutha.

Igor Demba - Kapow! So good Sergio!

Petar - long time no post from you ;) nice to have you again…great, as always…

janessa - this wedding looks aaaamazing and could not have been captured better! This post blew me away – awesome photography Sergio!

Jan - You … at my wedding … in a couple of years … in Belgium … no question

chris - sweeeet.

amanda vanvels - i still can’t get over this

Marcos - Amazing work, dude! Keep posting, it’s invaluable inspiration! :)