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so much love to both families, thank you for having us out.

venue: sodo park
catering: herban feast
floral: kevin bradford
second photographer: michael rowley
planning: solomon events
DJ: austin beaver

Jeff - Killer, yo

Kip Beelman - Almighty.

benj haisch - love it. high fives all around!

rich - Wow, you guys kicked some serious ass!

lydia {ever ours} - amazingness.

Michelle - Once again, amazing.

Nani - Such a great wedding. Cool stuff, true stuff. Thank you & all the best!!!

J Shoda - Y’all destroyed it. Well done.

Kaleigh - You were so ABSOLUTELY amazing to work with! Thank you so much, both of you, for making me feel so comfortable! For someone who feels so awkward being the center of attention, that’s everything! So thank you again!

Dana Napoleon - This is SO GREAT Sergio! Love it!

rich - these are AWESOME. beautiful work!

john benavente - molto buona as always :)

PJ Photos - totaly cool wedding ;) great sergio…

PARAISOSARTIFICIALES - Special couple, great story. Hugs from Spain.

lauren carson - I love being able to see the world through your eyes, you’re truly incredible at what you do.

shauna - I think this was my fave of yours so far in terms of their details & your use of lighting. in fact, i think my fave, like, ever.

Rik Pennington - Great stuff! Glad I found you, greetings from over the pond.

ryan - definitely one of my favorites you’ve shot. love how connected the photos feel to the family and friends present. it’s exactly what wedding photos should be about.

jsa - well done serg, full of life.

Caroline - Sergio, these are so great. That cake is spectacular. Well done, kind sir :)

courtney - some kind of wonderful.

Holly-Kate - Beautiful!

Any chance you would share who did the flowers & invites…pretty cool!



Ray - Boom. Slayed.

reese - amazing – you should shoot here at Sodo more often.

HK – kevin bradford did the floral, draping & the prettiest altar ever.

amber fischer - What a rad venue. And the flowers, cake and altar? GORGEOUS. Awesome images, Sergio. You rocked it.

matt - i like your steez.

scotty - you did it really good.

Julia Manchik - Do I spy Benj & Maddie? These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Don’t know what it is about them. Love the shots of the guys with their musical instruments!

Luke Middleton - Amazing man! I love following your stuff.

Lillie Louise - Beautiful, usual :-) you capture such lovely spontaneous moments.

Austin Beaver - You captured that night perfectly. Freakn AWESOME PARTY! I loved that crowd!

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mike - You killed it here. Stunning.

Jayson and Rachael - Cool set, Sergio! BTW, I really enjoyed listening to the podcast you did with TTR. Good stuff!

Andres Recinos - So good. Awesome light, great stuff :)

brian rickey - So good. I especially like the group portraits.

Robert Mariani - Awesome set! Dang you sure get to photograph really interesting looking couples.

lindsay - great colors!

lindsay - Amazing saturation!

alvaroserranosierra - me encantan!! :)

John - Really good stuff, nice feel to this set.


Evan Baines - Cool, moody set. Dig it.

ryan - wow. i really, really like these.

christian gideon - love the mood of these. thank you for not being like every other blog I see. very refreshing

Alex Benge - 3rd one down. Wow

amypunky photography - gorgeous!! love the editing of your photos!!

Aron - Gold.

jeff ambrose - that last frame is haunting, in a good way.

hugh - these are really good, sergio.

Heather Elizabeth - You is a bad ass. yes.

ashley flores-machado - amazing, sergio.

jonas seaman - Oh man. These floor me. So beautiful!

samm blake - wow. beautiful images.

coler - ace.

Atelier Joya - Beautiful! Posted a link to our FB!


Amanda VanVels - oh wow. oh wow!

beautiful girl, beautiful photos.

Adrian - Love the soft tones.

Jesse Pafundi - Really, really good.

Chantal - purdddddy.

Patty - Beautiful set! Somehow her red hair is perfect for this lighting.

melia - brilliant.

chuck anerino - shattering the paradigm. love it.

megan - So pretty!

Nadia - These are fantastic! I love the contrast between the darkness and her russet hair. (this is the MUA from Allyson’s wedding btw ;)

Ray - Dude, Serg, I keep coming back to these. It’s a really unique, different look from you mood-wise. You’re showing your range and I’m noticing an evolution of your vision.

Long - what i could say

Sarah - Wow, gorgeous. I love the dark setting with that stunning red hair.

amber fischer - These are possibly the coolest portraits I’ve ever seen.

Milagros Olivera - This photoshoot is awesome. You’re such a (veeeery) great photographer!

Tenielle - Ridiculous. This is the business.

Cara Loren - Freakin beautiful !

daws - gorgeous!

daws - tingly forest ginger swag!


manitou springs, colorado. this was the most intimate wedding i’ve ever attended. i shared the privilege with sean flanigan.

isaiah - dude….so rad

morgan sikkerboel - great work. love the colors. looks like it was a unique wedding as well. they all are, but – still.

matthew morgan - you’re unreal Serg. you and sean make it happen.

Brian Belknap - Beautiful set, Serg. You and Sean killed it.

J Shoda - Damn Sergio, you guys dominated this. Nice job.

jeff ambrose - well played.

Jakob - Money.

Josh - You dominated! Incredible! Wow.

Keith Estep - I love your style…your clients are the best! Simon and Garfunkel! yes….

sf - i make cameos!

pfriday - yeah man you couldn’t get a better photographer combo for this wedding. killed it!

Tonhya Kae - unreal. you guy did an amazing job on this wedding. probably my favorite i’ve seen all year.

kate price - this. is. unreal!!!

bethany - being from california, i dont think i would know what to do being on that rock/cliff… beautiful. intimate weddings really are something else.

JMH - beautiful.

PJ Photos - this is WOW..location is WOW…

scotty - money, man.

jonas seaman - Wow. So effing great!

hug - wtf sergio. seriously.

North Georgia Gal - I can’t remember when I have been so moved by an entire set of wedding photographs, between your artistic talents and the Wedding, Wedding Party itself, and location, I would swear I knew them. In this day and age of bling bling bling – this was so intimate and lovely. You captured it wonderfully.

john benavente - solid as!

michele bowman - what a beautiful and intimate little wedding. so much loveliness.

cliff - nice pull serg… nice freakin’ pull.

Heldine - OMG – that is such a cute wedding! I love everything about the bride – her hair and make-up and dress.. And where they had the wedding was so awesome! XD

megan - I LOVE these! Love!

Ray - yep. sergio 1, everyone else 0

Andria Lindquist - your B&Ws are out of control on this. those 2 vertical side by side on the cliff, so so good. this wedding is the best idea ever, i love it. so good you guys were the ones there to document it.

cena - what a gorgeous wedding! your photos are amazing as always

taylor - it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in on the blog, but mmm perfection like usual. intimate was the perfect word for this set. it’s what it’s all about anyway. such a stylish couple. the bride is so April Ludgate from Parks & Rec, in the best way of course. good work serg!

christina - i love when people tell my i look like april ludgate/aubrey plaza. :)

julie harmsen - dayum. yup.

berit - this wedding just blows my mind, WOW!

Vlado Cvirn - wow, just…wow, love entire set, beautiful

Milagros Olivera - This is probably the most beautiful wedding I ever seen. And you did a great job with it. They look so happy. The place is so wodnerful. The photos are so… perfect

Kimberly - You are absolutely AMAZING! Any possible way you travel to Canada?

yuri brizuela - this has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw these shots. Diggin the Simon and Garfunkel record too.

Laken - Oh my goodness! These images made me tear up. So gorgeous! Great job and congrats to the couple!

daws - the one of the married grinning next to the bible handler guy! everything with bride and her escort guy! great!

Ed Shahinian - Thanks for the eye candy. My eyeballs are smiling.

Steph Bloom - Randomly found your blog…beautiful work. You are blessed to be able to photograph in the PNW! Best place in the USofA. Can’t get a landscape like that in the Midwest… Your stuff is inspiring!!

Sophh Elizabeth - If you’s arent my photographers at my wedding I may cry. Love her dress!

serafin - i call this wedding “LA BODA”.

mike - So gorgeous.

Hannah Mia - I just came across your blog and I’m blown away – your photos are just gorgeous. And this wedding – wow!

Allie Guerrero - Sergio!! I was just sharing these with some friends and I can’t get over how great they are. Love them.

Paige - wow. love how real this was. no fan-fare. all about the love and the moments shared. really good stuff. I dig your work.

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