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senior – dillon

Dillon and I have been very good friends for a few years now and I’m glad I got to do his senior photos. We did this shoot over two days due to inclement weather. It was still a BALLIN’ time and we got some great images. We shot at the school for a while because Dillon is next year’s ASB Prez and we thought that school was a big part of who he is. We also had a special visitor….
1 – being in empty lunchroom was weird but i dont think students have ever seen it in a way like this

2 – class of 09 ASB President showing his authority… ha

3 – blam!

4 – hop, skip, jump

5 – happy to be graduating in less than a year.

6 – Ms. Dokken was our ultra pretty, ultra cool, and ultra supportive Spanish teacher for so many years at Curtis High. When she came strolling through the courtyard, doing stuff to get ready for the upcoming school year, we forced her to get in a few frames.

7. Yearbook photo? Who knows:)

8 – Oh wait, another possible yearbook photo.:)


10. SUCH a dope spot

11. The Mariners fitted.

12 – no touch ups on the eyes, just natural light. for real ,dawg?!

senior – alexis

Ben Sasso - These are awesome! I saw the post on FM and wanted to check out the blog. The last on is my favorite. how do you do the post processing work to make it look hazy like that?

Gabe - WTF…dude..these are amazing. Love the TS-E and the PP…well done my friend!!

perspectiveye photography

sergio - @ben: thanks for the nice words. there are a few ways, try “lightness” in the hue/saturation module

@gabe: i’m honored that you stopped by :)

Ken - sergio, if i can make one suggestion, can you please number the photos? especially in a long post like this it makes it a LOT easier to comment on them individually.

i enjoyed viewing them very much, as i did some of your other posts. in fact, i like your style so much i’m adding you to my photo blogroll (not that i’m a “big time” player or anything, but every little bit helps, right??)


sergio - thanks ken! its an honor. i’ll start numbering from now on

anerino originals - sweet set holmes.