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i took these while second shooting for my friend jenny jimenez on a beautiful day in june. be sure to check her blog out as well!

bethany - i think looking through this post is helping me to understand the allure of second shooting…

julie harmsen - damn that dress.

Nate Yaro - Great! Love all the details!

Katy Corea - Lovely! Great job!

Dana - So So beautiful!

jeff ambrose - jordan/pippen style.

lydia {ever ours} - oh my word, that dress! and then on top of jenny’s and your amazing skills, mind is blown!

rich - beautiful stuff man!

Catherine Abegg - weeeeeell. I commented on Jenny’s so I better comment on yours! (j/k) I love your perspective on this, and I love Jenny’s perspective on hers… and I love that you two have such immensely varying takes on the exact same day. That’s why you twos are my favorite people…

melia - fantastic work, Sergio. And yeah, that dress! Mmm.

michele bowman - very lovely!! love the details!

hug - cool story, bro.

Caroline Ghetes - Her dress is stunning. Your coverage is too. You nailed it.

tim riddick - no way jeff this is some bird/magic stuff.

ariel - beautiful.

Bess - damn. per usual.

mark - love your work. do you shoot film or digital?

Hannah - Oh Sergio. I love you. These are all wonderful. I will come to Tacoma soon and see you. I have to give you your picture!

Sarah Day - When I look at your pictures all I can think is how when I get married someday, I want you to be the photographer. You take just beautiful pictures.


here are my film images from a recent trip to manitou springs, colorado. christina and nathan’s full wedding story will be posted soon!

ryan - i miss colorado. these are great.

Dan O'Day - sweet frames my friend, nice to see a couple of familiar faces in there also :)

Nick Radford - money in the bank.

sf - dogg

Falcon - Such a beautiful setting, dang.

mandie - so good. what camera/film did you use for these?

Brennan M - great work man! Can’t wait to see the rest

Michelle - I find myself holding my breath whenever I look through your blog posts. You are so amazing! I love the one of them with the lake reflected behind. Love your work, Serg!

Patty - These are lovely! Do I detect some analogue images here?

tim riddick - wow this is film? it looks unreal… great stuff dude

mark - nikon or canon or something else?

Brian - Those are so fresh, man.

brose - feelin the swirly guys


J Shoda - Damn son.

Pobke - ab-so-freakin-lutely fabulous. my friend, these are amaaaazing. hope you realise that. :)

jeff ambrose - so many classic frames, and as always i feel like i was there.

kyle hale - You just unleashed Hong Kong Phooey

kristen marie - I feel like this is unstoppable and I feel like you just one up everything.

Tenielle - Brilliant as always. You and Hong Kong make a lovely match.

christian gideon - Insanely good. This is everything that is right with photography.

kelly stonelake - LOVE the b&w of the building with the ac units. Beautiful work.

Michelle - So good. Always so good. You’re incredible

Kristi Wright - So beautiful. I adore the shots in the car.

Branden Harvey - These are amazing. You captured the mood brilliantly.

des - i hate you in a way that only loved ones can. this is a game changer, pure gold.

hugh - the legitimate. that’s what i’m going to start calling you.

lydia {ever ours} - hot dayam! these are so amazing. love and miss hong kong tons! way to capture it beautifully.

Chantal - doo wop. You really hit the tip of the iceberg on this one.

john benavente - nailed it big time!

Dan O'Day - skills my friend

coler - this feels like it could be clips from some awesome short-film or something. absolutely top notch man.

geneoh - really great work, sergio.

Caroline Ghetes - I am in heart with all of this.

travis shumate - excellent.

chan - solid

mandie - these are absolutely rad.

michele bowman - it’s always a pleasure to look through your work! beautiful!

Shauna Nicole - speechless.

mae - so ridiculously amazing.

ryan - so much texture and life in this set.

Catherine Abegg - they’re okay. just kidding… superfuckingGOOD, my friend.

sf - pimpin aint easy

Yee - Seriously? Holy cow, brutha. Freakin’ phenomenal stuff.

Ray - What’s left to say? Seriously? Never cease to amaze.

Heather - It makes me want to jump in and start shooting with you. Nice work!

Jeff Marsh - when the frick did you do hong kong? this is all money

Rico - I would totally frame that first image and throw it on my wall. beautiful work.

lukasz bak - great!

Falcon - So in love with these!

Meredith - Found you via twitter. Stunning images. :]

julie harmsen - woah. so good.

Aleksandra - I feel that is “shoot with love”.

maggie may - i love the car photos… so gorgeous. your work is beautiful.

Kevin Wrenn Photography - Sergio that was quite epic! Great edit!

Chellise Michael - EPIC!!

stew - grand ;)

Julia Manchik - Absolutely amazing, Sergio. Wish there were some shots of the ceremony. I’m curious!

daws - the people look lively and beautiful. you shoot a good time!

Dana Sapiro - Sergio – you have talent! My husband and I are very impressed with your ability to both catch the sensitivity of a wedding, and impart additional style in a fresh, trendy way. Great work! Wish I could grab you for Pia’s upcoming wedding! Groetjes, Dana (your mother’s cousin and Pia’s mom in Holland)